There's Something About Alex

Living with Down Syndrome and autism

April 2, 2014

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Please don’t bite the dentist

I always know that the day that we have to take Alex to the dentist isn’t going to be good, but I’m never quite ready for it.  See Alex is now 17 and has Down Syndrome.  While he’s typically the sweetest thing in the world, he just doesn’t get the concept of dental hygene or someone sticking their fingers in his mouth.

What surprises me is that with poor muscle tone because of the Downs, he has the ability to clamp that mouth shut like a vice grip.  There’s nothing getting in there.  But what made a bad day even worse was that a lens fell out of his glasses on the way to the dentist.  I was almost in a panic because I knew his OCD was going to kick in and his world was out of kilter.

When we arrived like every good mommie I bribed him with a movie if he’d be a good boy and let the dentist brush his teeth.  He loves Disney movies and has just about all of them in his collection.  All he could think about was his glasses and the fact they were broken.

We get in the office, I explain the situation to the nice girls.  Alex jumps right up in the chair and opens wide for the cleaning.  I about fell over in shock.  Most parents with a 17 year old kid could just drop them off and come back to pick them up, or heck they’d drive their own car to the appointment.  But with Alex it’s like dancing with a 6 year old.  Sometimes it works, sometimes we trip.

Today, it worked.   Alex obviously had it all together, and I didn’t.  Who knew.


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