There's Something About Alex

Living with Down Syndrome and autism

April 18, 2014

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Just when you think everything is peachy

I know better than to be delusional enough to believe that life with Alex will be fine and normal. About a week ago we noticed that his chest wasn’t exactly matching up with his hips and when I pulled his shirt off I about chocked. His spine was curving to the right. In my normal panic I dialed the pediatricians office and informed them that I was on my way. Since I usually over think everything I had even packed a bag just in case we were sent down to Little Rock to Children’s Hospital. After 30 minutes in with doc and 4 x-rays we were told that yes he had scoliosis, and he would be referred to Children’s Hospital.
Ok, I’m thinking if I just look up I won’t cry. It’s not as if this poor kid hasn’t had enough to deal with in his life considering he’s been thru 13 surgeries. But in true fashion Doc knew where my head was and putting his hand on my arm said, “At least it’s not his heart”
Reality check! Thanks Doc. That’s why we love this doctor. He keeps us focused and our head above water.


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