There's Something About Alex

Living with Down Syndrome and autism

April 29, 2014

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Never say Never!

She said he wouldn’t know who I was when Alex was born. She said he’d never walk, talk, socialize. She said I should put him in an institution, forget that I had him, and start over……….

That was the idiot pediatrician that came highly recommended to us when I was pregnant with Alex 17 years ago. That horrifying experience and story will have to wait for another day.
Today, as in many others, Alex yet again proved them wrong. When I went to pick him up from school his teacher was jumping up and down with excitement.
One of the biggest things that I wanted him to be able to do was read the labels on food products in the grocery store so that he didn’t have to depend on them all having pictures. Up until today there was no evidence that he was understanding words other than to copy them.
But today he typed on his Ipad, “my name is Alex Joy” by himself while his teacher was setting up in another area. She heard the Proloquo software go off on his Ipad. (which by the way if you have a non-verbal child this app is fantastic!)

Now while this might not seem like that big of a deal to most people, it’s HUGE in our world. It means he gets it. He’s always been able to manipulate the Ipad and loves Disney on YouTube, but getting him to type words was a whole other issue. It was breaking that barrier from the Downs and Autism and getting to the mind inside. She got there. Thanks to this incredible teacher that teaches with her heart, Alex stepped into a new world.
And every time something like this happens I think back to that pediatrician that thought we should hide him away. Man was she wrong!

Alex and one of his sisters who happens to be a teacher.


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