There's Something About Alex

Living with Down Syndrome and autism

June 17, 2014

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A glimpse into the world of Autism

I hope that link works. If it doesn’t let me explain. It’s 2 videos, one with 7-8 sounds going at once very loudly, and the other the equivalent only visual. I got a taste of this first hand at a governor’s workshop for parents of children with disabilities. They sat us on a stage while 6 people stood around us playing (very badly) musical instruments all at the same time.
If you’ve never experienced it, you should try it just once and it might give you a hint to what Autistic people deal with every day.
Alex has an auditory sensitivity issue. We would walk into a restaurant and because of all the background noise, he would fold up and go fetal on me. It took years for me to understand what he was going through.
But now with Autism on the rise the question remains….what is causing this? Fingers have been pointed in many directions, but I (in my totally unqualified scientific opinion) honestly believe that we need to look at our food sources. I don’t mean baby food. By the time the baby gets here it’s to late. I’m talking about chemicals that are being sprayed onto our crops. Or how about preservatives that are added to just about everything these days to make food last longer. When I grew up nothing was instant. If you wanted brownies, you made them from scratch. Now it’s rip a box open, mix with water and pour in the pan. Walla! Instant brownies chocked full of preservatives. Unknowing soon to be mothers are ingesting chemicals that will harm their unborn children.
At what point is our government going to take a hard look at what is really going into our food? How many children’s lives need to be impacted with a disability that will haunt them and their families forever?
It seems the only thing that gets legislators attention is lobby money, or for this tragedy to personally effect their own families.
There is definitely something to be said for “farm to table”. Just check to see what the farmer is spraying on his field.


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